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Set of 25 concave XL studs (alu/carbide) 45Nrth

Set of 25 concave XL studs (alu/carbide) 45Nrth
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45NRTH utilizes a two-piece construction method to create a reliable and high-performing bicycle tire stud, featuring a concave carbide-aluminum design. The super-sized concave crown creates open space and inside edges of the bowl, resulting in twice the surface area for increased traction and grip.

  • Concave tip for durability and longevity
  • Aluminum base to save weight
  • Compatible with the 45NRTH stud insertion tool
  • Sold in a pack of 25
  • XL Stud features a larger carbide tip diameter for increased traction
  • We design 45NRTH tires for extreme winter cycling applications. We do not recommend this product be used with power assist bikes as the additional torque and system weight can lead to pre-mature casing wear and stud loss.