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Saddle Italia Lady Gel Flow

Saddle  Italia Lady Gel Flow
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The Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow Saddle is a very comfortable, all-round saddle genuinely designed for women. Top of the range comfort comes from a generous amount of silicone gel padding. This design provides ample cushioning for your sit bones and relief from pressure on sensitive areas. The extra padding near the back of the saddle is ideal for those women who tend to ride in a more upright position, with downward pressure on the sit bones. This saddle supports your long efforts on the bike, and rewards you with the comfort you need to perform at your best. 



  • Shock absorbing system between the shell and the rail that highly reduces road shocks and vibrations
  • Fibra-Tek microfiber cover material that guarantees a strong and durable yet lightweight saddle.
  • Extra Padding  for comfort over long distances and protection against skin inflamation
  • Cromoly manganese 7 x 7mm rails are lightweight and flexible
  • Gel Flow anatomical cut offers flexibility in the center of the saddle and absorbs road vibrations 
Color: Black   
Size: 135 x 262mm (S3), 160 x 262mm (L3)   
Weight: 300g (S3), 310g (L3)   
Rails: Manganese 7 x 7mm   
Dicipline: Women's Road/Offroad