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Saddle 49n Perch 182 comfort

Saddle 49n Perch 182 comfort
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• A wider width saddle with generous levels of padding that offers excellent comfort and support for upright riding positions with a distinct rearward weight bias (think handlebars slightly higher than the saddle) and those looking to boost comfort levels – a great all-rounder!
• Ships with a traditional saddle clamp (7/8” fit) for dual compatibility with both older/traditional seatposts without an integrated clamp and newer seatposts with a built-in clamp (remove as necessary)
• Plush, deep padding provides effectively counters the increased weighting with the rearward riding position, providing an optimum level of comfort and a nice buffer between the rider and road
• Rearward located v-shaped pressure relief channel helps alleviate localized pressure on the sensitive perineum area and keep the blood flowing
• Construction: Synthetic weatherproof upper, Nylon base w/ Hi-Ten steel rails
• Dimensions: L 228 x W 182mm
• Black
• Weight: 396g (excl. saddle clamp)