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Saddle 49n Perch 142 (curved profile)

Saddle 49n Perch 142 (curved profile)
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• A shallow, gently curved saddle that favours a more neutral riding position with a 50/50 weigh distribution between the saddle and handlebars (handlebars at a similar/slightly lower height than the saddle
• A great all-rounder and suitable for a bit of everything from Endurance Road/Gravel/Adventure, through to MTB and even fast urban duties – effective on both dropbar and flatbar setups
• Mid-level padding – can be ridden with or without a chamois/padded short
• Strategically placed base cutout allows for localized flex around the sensitive perineum area, which, when combined with the extended relief channel on the upper, create an effective combo to help to alleviate pressure and keep the blood flowing
• Construction: Synthetic weatherproof upper, Nylon base w/ Hi-Ten steel rails
• Dimensions: L 277 x W 142mm
• Black
• Weight: 303g