45Nrth Dunderbeist 26x4.6 - 120 Tpi

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45Nrth Dunderbeist 26x4.6 Tubeless Ready Fat bike tire
TPI: 120

• Aggressive winter Fatbike rear specific tire
• Tubeless Ready design delivers a super supple
ride quality, further enhancing grip, and saves
• Let Dunderbeist loose on your local groomed
singletrack and feel the aggressive tread claw
through the snow with unrivaled propulsion and
braking traction.
• 4.6" footprint provides enhanced flotation and is compatible with a wide range of frames
• Dual compound rubber rolls fast and keeps you
in control while shredding the berms.
• Climbs well in loose, unconsolidated snow
• Pair the 45NRTH Flowbeist for the ultimate
combination of traction and control.
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