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Our free service plan

At Vélozophie, we take your satisfaction to heart, which is why we offer you a free maintenance plan with your purchase of a new bike. This plan includes basic adjustments to your derailleurs, brakes, minor wheel alignment, and basic cleaning of your bike. Every bicycle purchased at Vélozophie comes with (1) free Essential maintenance. You may come anytime between August 1st and February 15th to claim your free maintenance.

  • The free tune-up is offered from August 1st to February 15th


For a bike that is clean and in good condition, therefore well maintained, these services usually take little time and require little cleaning or parts changes. On the other hand, if you leave rust or dirt on your bike, this increases the friction between the cables and restricts the movement of the various parts, thus impairing its optimal functioning. If so, adjustments take longer.

Cycling is a mechanical sport and its use varies from rider to rider. However, a bicycle must necessarily be serviced every year. Performing preventive maintenance spreads the costs and reduces the risk of mechanical problems in addition to optimizing the performance of your frame. However, normal or more intense use causes wear of parts such as tires, brakes, ball bearings and other moving parts and these are not covered by the warranty. Replacement of parts or repair will incur a charge for the cost of parts and labor.


Please note that system updates on e-bikes are not included in the maintenance plan free.


In addition, the free maintenance plan with the purchase of a new bike offers free mechanical alterations to your bike for a period of 30 days from the date of your purchase. We take great care in ensuring that every bike that leaves the store is perfectly tuned and ready for adventure. That said, it is important that each customer is informed of the break-in period of the bicycle which occurs from the first rides. No matter how much your bike sells for, some issues can arise. Therefore, in the event of spoke breakage, loss of hydraulic disc brake compression (noisy brakes are not among the issues covered by this protection), misalignment of brakes or gears, and/or or any other adjustment necessary on the bike following possible problems with the assembly or production of your bike, we will make the necessary corrections so that you can get back in the saddle, free of charge and as soon as possible.


*We encourage the purchase and repair of bicycles during the winter period. Bikes purchased between December1st and March 31 except for winter bikes (fat bikes) and bikes purchased for winter use will have a 30-day post-purchase coverage period until May 31.

*Crash damage is not covered by our warranty. For example: if you fall while riding and damage your derailleur, especially the derailleur hanger which in turn could damage the spokes or other components if not immediately straightened out, we will be happy to help. help get back on the road but you will be charged a repair fee.