Our free service plan

Here at Vélozophie, we want you to enjoy your bike, which is why we offer you a free maintenance plan with the purchase of a new bike. It includes all the basic adjustments; gears, brakes, hubs, and simple wheel alignment. All that while you wait.

For a clean and well-maintained bike, these adjustments usually take only a few minutes as long as the bike is clean and do not require any parts. If you let your bike become dirty and rusty, cables won’t glide well enough to allow a smooth gear change and some parts won’t be able to function properly. In this case, adjustments may take more time. If we need to clean your bike or to change parts because of the its state, we will have to charge for parts and labour.

Damages due to accidents or crashes are not covered by our warranty, but we will be happy to help you get back on your wheels as fast as possible.

Usually, a bike should be maintained yearly. However, with time and mileage, even with your regular tune-ups, your bike will show normal wear and tear that are not covered by any warranty, like tire or brake pads wear. Then, parts and labour fees will apply.


In short, Vélozophie will cover any adjustments necessary on your bike as long as it is clean and in good condition.