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Mint'n Dry dirt bike wash concentrated formula - 473ml

Mint'n Dry dirt bike wash concentrated formula - 473ml
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This concentrated formula of our Dirt Bike Wash, designed for extreme conditions, lets you do more with less. Reuse your regular 1-litre bottle and foam sprayer and make a total of 4 litres of regular Dirt Bike Wash simply by adding water. Free of aggressive solvent, it’s safe on all types of materials including aluminium, carbon, titanium, steel, plastic and rubber. Quick to use and easy to rinse off, it leaves behind no streaks. Contains an anti-corrosion additive to reduce the risk of rust.


  • Makes 4 litres by adding water
  • Colourant free, solvent-free and no artificial fragrances + Anticorrosion
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in Canada

473 ml / 16 oz