Bike Parts :

IMPORTANT: As our parts supply is impacted by the pandemic, we no longer sell bike parts to enhance our ability to meet the high demand at our repair shop. Only bicycles in repair will be able to benefit from spare parts (subject to availability of course).

The Vélozophie team thanks you for your precious understanding and customer loyalty..





New rules concerning Covid-19 restrictions : May 17 

- Purchases in store are now allowed and online orders on our site are always possible:
- If you need a tune up, bicycles drop off at the workshop is only authorized if you have an appointment
(Appointments are only made online so as not to overload the telephone line:
- If you need a specific repair on your bike, you can communicated with us to make special arrangements 
- The delivery service is currently suspended
- New Bike Fitting appointment is possible by communicated with us by phone 819-303-6699 or by email [email protected]
- Used Bike Fitting appointment is possible by visiting the Specific Performance website
We will do our best to answer you by phone and thank you for your understanding.


If you have any questions, please contact us :

For general info on our products : write to us at [email protected] or call 819-303-6699 and choose option 1 from our phone directory.

For an appointment for a bike tune up or repair : visit our website or call us at 819-303-6699 and choose option 2 from our phone directory.