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Kryptonite Evolution 1090 Series 4 Integrated Chain

Kryptonite Evolution 1090 Series 4 Integrated Chain
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10mm six-sided chain links made from manganese steel
Design secures chain DIRECTLY TO HARDENED DEADBOLT, offering no “weak” link in the chain due to the extensive holding power of the link itself against attacks
High security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant
Reinforced oval crossbar lock head
Sliding dustcover protects and extends cylinder life
3 stainless steel keys -- one LED lighted key with replaceable battery and 2 new, ergonomic "I" keys
Durable weather-resistant nylon sleeve prevents scratches
Key Safe Program
E-Bike Approved Security
Product dimensions: 35.5” (90cm) chain length. Product weight: 6.10 lbs. (2.77 kgs)
Security Rating: 8/10
US$3000 ATPO